Pinterest v1.6.5 for Android

Pinterest is new social, but it grows very quickly.Pinterest is a tool to find your inspiration and share it with others. Use it to collect things you love, organize and plan important projects, and more.

• Pin images from around the web
• Explore pins and boards you’re interested in
• Get inspiration from DIY, Travel, Food and other categories
• Pin with your camera

New feature on the Chrome browser makes searching easier image

No long after the official release version of Chrome web browser (version 29), Google has continued to upgrade the latest beta version of the web browser with a remarkable new features. Accordingly, the trial version of the latest Chrome (version 31 Canary), users can search for images directly from the Chrome web browser.
Now, the search of images available on the site will become easier and more convenient. Users simply right click on the image to be searched on the site, then select "Search Google for this image" from the menu that appears.
Immediately a new tab will be opened at which Google will automatically search conducted under the image you selected. The results page will provide information about the image, suggesting related keywords and web pages containing images that you are looking for.
This feature is especially useful in case you want to find similar images or content related to images on web pages. Users will conduct image searches simpler and faster, rather than having to go through multiple steps as before.
If interested, you can download a free trial of Chrome Canary at Here.

Chrome Canary is independent version with Chrome version (if any) was installed on the computer. This is a trial version of the application will be Google latest features in the development of the Chrome browser.
Users can install this version on the computer without fear of affecting operations and the personal information stored on the official version of Chrome, thereby allowing leverage and experience the latest features on the Chrome browser.

Castle Clash v 1.1.7

Make and endeavor your way to honour in Castle clash! The turn is on in the most addictive struggle strategy brave e'er! Lease legions of effective Heroes in your hunt to get the world's maximal Warlord. In a ringing mix of fast-paced strategy and fight, Chessman Clash is a line of epos proportions! Create an gray full with Elves, Dwarves, Beasts, Robots, and more. Your corp is as substantial as your creativit

-File size: 41 MB
-Version : 1.1.7 
- Android os: 2.2+

<<<See Castle Clash v 1.1.7 on Google play at Here>>>


>>>Download Castle Clash v 1.1.7 at here ( Media fire) <<<

Game Features:
- Build and upgrade your impenetrable fortress!
- Create the ultimate army from a dozen wild troops!
- Fast-paced, thrilling, and realistic battles!
- Pit your Heroes against other Players in the Arena!
- Tap and swipe to cast powerful spells!
- Free-to-play fantasy strategy.

Top eleven - Football club Manager

Leading the team win! Top Eleven is a sports game is the most preferred online which you can set up individual and team coaching in the competitive environment of player-resistant continuous players with millions of other players!

Top Eleven is  game  football manager. you will set up and trained team to compete against other players. Paintings Cup, League competition and the Champions League with Monthly other players to win the No. 1. Prepare team in all key areas: training players, upgrade stadiums, select strategies. At the beginning of big game, support your team by just watching a remote or change strategies.
Appeared in Top 10 best sports game in the UK, France, Germany, Italy, Israel and more than 80 other countries! Top Eleven is the online football manager most popular in the world, with millions of players every day!


Diamond Dash V2.2

60 action packed seconds to match as many colorful diamonds as possible. Enjoy this 5-star arcade experience as you unleash magical boosts and beat your friends' high scores in the Weekly Tournament.
With over 110million playing on Facebook and mobile, this exciting game has hit Android on the back of a lot of success and love. So let's get started!


Enjoy it !

Clickfun Casino Slots

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Get ready for a whole new way to spin and win with the brand new version of Clickfun Casino!
Enjoy the thrills of virtual casino action with Clickfun Casino for FREE on your mobile device. Install the app now and join our community of millions of players in one of Facebook’s fastest growing social casinos.
It’s Vegas on your phone. And a slots experience second to none, wherever you are, whenever you like.
Download our app and start cashing in on:
• Free coins available every day and every hour!
• Level-up achievements that unlock more pay lines, bigger instant wins and extra game features.
• Free spins and regular giveaways are yours for the taking.
• Give gifts, share successes and be part of the friendliest slots community online.
• Multiply the rewards of winning by sharing the fun with friends!
• Sensational slots graphics and high quality realistic sound effects.
• Easy to play slots fun that gives you true-to-life gaming excitement. You’ll feel like you’re right inside a real casino!

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Tower of Saviors V3.06

The widely popular Tower of Saviors is introducing the all-new 3.0 version with the 12 Zodiacs for iOS and Android!
The long-awaited 3.0 version will be launched in July, bringing you the arrival of the 12 Zodiacs! The never seen before story mode, along with the NPC fun: Astropieces are all scattered around the temple, these are the spiritual crystal of the believers. The astropieces from the Guardian Star will fall randomly as the stylites are doing their penance in the temple.
You are a Summoner in Tower of Saviors. As a Summoner, you will need to hone your skills in dissolving Runestones, making use of the rewards you gain from battles to collect monsters with a mythical background, and facing more than 400 different levels of challenge.
Tower of Saviors is completely free! Summoners are welcomed to purchase diamonds for drawing legendary or rare cards, restore stamina and extend inventory limit etc.
Official Facebook page:

Story Background
"In ancient times, humans built the Enochian Tower in an attempt to become gods. Demons from hell took this opportunity to exploit the tower, invading heaven through it. A three-way battle between humans, demons and gods ensued. The gods then destroyed the tower's summit and cast seals on it, closing the path to heaven. Wars continue to rage on earth and mankind is at the brink of extinction. The last hope lies with summoners who can unleash the seals and rally the power of the gods!"
Tower of Saviors Game Features:
* Addictive and fun RPG and match 3+ challenges, with a brand new in-game story mode
* Detailed European & American graphic design that catches your attention
* Over 400 battles with different levels of difficulty
* Included elements of the medieval myth, and 400 characters of the Greek, Chinese, Egyptian and more mythology
* Different battles every day for players to collect specific elements to strengthen the teams
* Brand new battle every week for players to collect more rare monsters
* Limited time for diamond rewards which allow players to have a higher chance to summon the mythology characters
Download this fun and addictive game and challenge yourself now!
Want to keep an eye out for Tower of Saviors' updates?
Like our official Facebook Page:
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You can download Tower of saviorsV 3.06 From your PC at Here

Photo and video smartphone G2- LG

LG has officially unveiled the powerful smartphones , G2, not only to make an impression quite unique in design but also in powerful configurations . The actual picture below shows the differences in the design of the G2.
G2 is the first smartphone in the world do not have the button layout in the border around the machine, but instead, the controls have been put in the back of the machine. G2 includes only 2 physical keyboard is the power button and two volume control keys, but the keys can perform many functions, such as photography or fast trigger applications.
LG explains why put the controls out of the back of the machine is suit for many users, they can use their own finger while holding the machine to use the buttons on the back of this, such adjustments increase or decrease the volume, activate the application, take pictures ...

In particular, the on / off button at the back of the screen, users can easily power on / off screen without having to hold the camera up with the LG KnockON features equipped on the product, in which users be tapped on the screen 2 times to open the screen, and then tap to the screen to turn off.

The other impression is that the screen on the G2 is stretched out next to the machine, making the screen edges become very thin. Also, despite the large screen size (5.2-inch) and fitted to the battery 3.000mAh, however G2 retains impressive slim design, only 8-mm thick.
Review photo of G2:
The front of G2 with slim creen border

The back of G2 All physical keys are transferred to the back 

SIM tray located on the left side

Connector, phone jack and speakers located at the bottom

Speakers voice, camera and sensor on the front. We can see the thickness of the screen border G2 through this image

The touch sensitive buttons on the front

The fast mode setting on the LG G2.

Multitasking function 

Android 4.2.2

The shooting modes on G2

Official Picture of Cheap iPhones appear 5C

A retailer in Romania has sent the media a few official pictures of the iPhone 5C with the same design complete with realistic images leaked in recent times.
The photos are a reseller in Romania moved it to newspaper. Accordingly, 5C iPhone photos appearing in plastic and designed to run on the operating system that Apple iOS 7 debuted in early June.

Latest photos revealed "portrait" iPhone 5C in protective bags.

Although the Apple iPhone is not verified 5C but many rumors in recent times, it seems the agents and accessory manufacturers are ready to launch the colorful shells reserved for the Cheap Apple phone.

Meanwhile, after a leaked video recordings users trying durability of the back cover of the iPhone 5C today on the Internet continues to appear 2 other videos, including one clip also checked scratch resistance of shell 5C iPhone plastic.

Rumors about the existence of the iPhone is that the technology 5C curious because Apple had always said no to the expensive products. However, the race in the smartphone market led by Apple's gradual loss cheap smartphone is gradually prevailed and helped mobile operators earn a substantial revenue.

If iPhone 5C actually exist, according to the well-informed, this smartphone will replace the iPhone 5 in Apple's product line, and this product will be released on 10/9 next.